जन की बात

जन गण मन की बात, एपिसोड 120: मनमोहन सिंह और नितिन गडकरी

जन गण मन की बात की 120वीं कड़ी में विनोद दुआ नोटबंदी व जीएसटी पर दिए गए मनमोहन सिंह के बयान और नितिन गडकरी के गंगा सफाई अभियान पर चर्चा कर रहे हैं.


  • Milind Kamat

    If there is so much logic in the above story why the Hon Supreme court cannot be convinced ? Obviosly the author is hiding some dark side which was sighted at the court ? Or else how does one explain the ban ?

    • Gayathri Ramalingam

      When there is a sport, there is always betting and some kind of cheating that happens. That cannot be a sole reason to ban the sport. If that is the case, ban IPL where betting and cheating are at its peak. You can always impose new regulations to avoid these from happening instead of completely banning it and destroying the tradition that has been followed for over 2000 years.

      • Milind Kamat

        I hear the sport is banned by S. Court because of cruelty to animals i.e. bulls. Cruelty cannot be justified in the name of tradition. Tamil emotions cannot override law of the land.

        • Gayathri Ramalingam

          Do you say that SC is always right? Do you agree that Salman Khan the super star did not drink and drive and did not take the life of an innocent sleeping on the road?
          I don’t say we should not abide by the law. I do respect the law and SC. But there are chances where the truth is not portrayed properly in the court. This is one such case. Only the people who have witnessed the sport in person know the facts behind it. People cannot come to a conclusion just by watching some videos and reading some groundless articles. I as a person have witnessed the sport and i believe i have full right to speak on this subject.

  • Satyanarayanan

    Without understanding the economic back bone of the farmers and condescending to look upon them from air-conditioned offices with an expression of contempt, you sit upon your lofty chair and deliver judgements?.

  • Satyanarayanan

    Meat-eating is cruel and should be banned. Leather belts should be banned. Crocodile and Snake handbags should be banned. Fur-skins should be banned.

  • Rohit Menon

    My dear friend plz dont club beef consumption with jalikattu. If Jalikattu is part of ur culture and tradition, eating beef is part of our diet. Asking for your right while questioning the rights of others is not the correct thing to do

    • Subbu Chtl

      Dear Bro, if you have interpreted his questions as a question on your diet, well it is your fault. He is not intending to question that. He is conveying a message by pointing out what can these animal welfare groups do about people killing animals for food, people burdening and often times maiming animals in the name of sacred things, movie and other entertainment industry like Circus shows keeping and breeding some animals in captivity to satisfy their so called art and irrefutable greed? He didn’t say he is against people killing animals for its meat. So i don’t know why it bothers you so much. Is there some fishy angle to it, as usual? Take it easy bro. PS. I don’t get when you say “don’t club beef consumption with Jallikattu”. Or it is you who doesn’t get the full picture. There is a direct proportionality to beef consumption when Jallikattu is banned because the bulls end up in slaughter houses and on your plates and there are places where this meat is preferred and you can imagine the reasons why. These native breeds, if prevented from ending up in slaughter houses, helps our farmers a lot because the very virile nature of this breed can give way to equally good offspring be it cow or calves and esp. when it is a cow, the milk it produces has better proteins and nutrients than the imported milk, which by the way has the support of billion dollar dairy industry. And when it is a calf, well they can be the next generation of the ‘bulls’. It also provides for self sufficiency of the state as mentioned in the article above. Take it easy bro. Cheers.

    • Guru

      Your diet? Good Joke, from when did Indians started eating beef? The diet you are having daily is super imposed on you by Islamic and Western Invaders and is an alien culture. Indians never had Beef as a part of their staple diet. So you are talking about an adopted culture not your own native here…..

      • jijo george

        What used to be done to the cattle sacrificed in ancient India?

      • Indians have been eating beef for millennia. Even Vedic Brahmins ate beef. This is seen in the Rig Veda.

  • C Krishna

    Fantastic…. the way of expressing your comment as well as the important notion that your mentioned. Bravo Caroline Mahendarsingh Ma’am!

  • நாம் தமிழர் சுரேஷ்

    Thank you for enlightening us with your knowledge on Jallikattu and it’s various sphere of influence on nature and on humans..

  • Shaun Pillai

    Very good question… may be we should donate 12 stray dogs to those so called PETA activist ..well lets see if they can care for one…

  • Dinesh Espa

    Yes Supreme court ordered a state named Karnataka to provide water to Tamil Nadu but it was defied, nothing happened to Karnataka whereas 100’s of farmers have committed suicide in TN.

    • Pramod Kumar

      Bro, we suffered more than you ppl, when there is no water to provide? how will karnataka ppl will supply water? have u come and check the dam in KRS? what you mentioned “Nothing happened to karnataka” is totally a false. Confirm yourself before you speak! 🙂 have a good day! 🙂

      • Jagan Pandurangan

        Lol is that so! Then why did SC order to provide us water.

  • Vignesh Loganathan

    Excellent compilation of the big picture. Thank you.

  • Puja Patel

    I am not here to put down my views. but I urge everyone to youtube jallikattu and see for yourself and decide.

    • Senthil Ramesh

      I’ll say better present at the venue and decide. Even Youtube videos can be edited and manipulated for or against the sport.

  • Senthil Ramesh

    Of course, India’s.. Don’t you think Tamil Nadu is part of India? What if tomorrow few breeds of Tiger or Lion gets extinct in Gujarat. Do you report it as Tigers of Gujarat extinct or India. So there you go for the explanation of title.

    See who needs explanatoin for a title. And you think we are lunatics. As the article pointed out, each state or region had their own way of sport to ensure the breeds are healthy. Tamil Nadu has this sport. Check with your parents or grand parents, to know about your culture or way of sport. I am sure that will not involve calling people from other region, who respect their culture and respect others’, as Lunatics.

  • arun kumar

    I think the intentions behind the #jallikattu protests are fair but the protests are headed in the wrong direction.

  • Vinod

    What an Article this is !!! Eye opener

  • bindra

    Right or not we need to obey what our top court says. if ppl start defying court orders in the name of populism, it will create a dangerous trend for out society

    • Gayathri Ramalingam

      What people is asking is not against the ethics of living. They just want what was happening before to continue. Why can’t the SC try to give them another chance. Why can’ they try to understand their views as well.

  • Ranjit Kumar

    You pretty well abuse the fellow human beings as lunatics. If you are ignorant of facts put forth by others, listen to them or reject them. Don’t abuse them.

  • Paul Chant

    My Son and myself are flying to India and will be staying at
    Ganesh Bakery Auroville, Puducherry, we are looking at building a school there
    and to help promote Organic farming diversification, we shall be bringing seeds
    and DVDs teaching animal husbandry and herb medicine, I was not a where of this
    sport, to me it looks OK as an English farmer and lover of nature, as long as
    the cattle do not get harmed, it looks like the people are getting harmed at their
    own risk! I do love these special cows, OK I myself do not eat meat, but I
    would never offend a culture or its peoples traditions by telling them what to
    do, we merely show how things are and can be different, I would like to find
    out more about this and to meet these beautiful spirit animals while we are
    staying in India.

  • H Mali

    Jallikattu is good for breeding productive cattle and milk of such cow is also good for fertility. In Western countries they put artificial hormone in diary product. Jallikattu provide original fertility by chain of cow breeding. Urban people eat Vigara but milk of Jallikattu products will not necessary.

  • So in the entire world, only tamilians know how to breed the cows and bulls and produce A2 milk? Ridiculous. I don’t care what PETA does or says on this topic, one wrong cannot justify another. Jallikattu is history now and it should remain so.

    Someone said about tradition, well untouchability, child marriage, sati system etc are all our traditions so let us bring them back.

    • surendr

      wow comparing untouchability, child marriage and sati to a sport.. im
      blown away by your logic…now compare it to horse racing, dog racing, it
      might make sense.In the same logic keeping pets are followed from
      medieval times may be we should stop it and release all animals free?

  • Dude this is not about animal rights activists but animals themselvs. assuming PETA is not doing its job, why do you want to take your revenge on the poor bulls?

  • You dont talk like you know everything about bull fight. While is definitely more cruel because bulls are killed, you also torture the bull by putting knife in its rear and chilli powder in its mouth.

    • Sadagopan

      Hi arnab, do you ever brace any type of bull or raise it, at least take a walk with bull. It seems you have no knowledge of cattle. And how many times you have watched or participated In jallikattu in reality. How many have you seen dead. Do you know the money value of those jallikattu bulls. you are one of those so called metro city boys like to drink milk, but dont now how its been produced ahh. i am one of the person who are cared the cattles also trained to brace the bull from my youth. we know the rules of engagement, don’t be soo stupid. If you have not seen within your own eyes do not speak as you said to maha. bits of pictures and some videos wont show clear picture of our tradition. If you afraid to participate stay away from bulls and TN. Besides in our Tamilnadu ladies are the keeper/caretaker of the bull (my mother was one of them). Only family member or members can hold these bulls others cant even go near or give food to these bulls. Thats how we treat them one thing How come India become huge exporter of beef since 2013,2014,2015 think about it. As a former’s son i knew what need to be done as of now. We do Jallikattu from our village Allanganallur. yeahh excatly where im from, if you wish to witness let me know ill take real care of you when you come to my village. Grow up.

  • Vasantha Preyan S

    Very well said!

  • Gayathri Ramalingam

    Excuse me. This is totally ignorant. You cannot talk without knowing the facts. In Tamilnadu, bulls and cows are treated as God. I don’t know if you know this fact, even the urine of Cow is a “PRASAD” here. Don’t give comments just because you have to say something. With this comment, those who are new to the word “JALLIKATTU” may believe what you said is true. This is just spreading LIE.

  • Gayathri Ramalingam

    No one is forced to play this sport. people come voluntarily. They feel it is the symbol of their bravery. Even serving military is dangerous, do people refrain from joining military just because they are afraid of getting hurt or losing life? People in Tamilnadu are proud to join this sport and even if they lose their life, which is very unlikely to happen, they feel it as a proud moment.
    But i assure you that, bulls are not killed here. We love them, we treat them as God.

  • Gayathri Ramalingam

    I can’t believe people who has no idea about my culture, who knows nothing about Jallikattu is making this statement. Anyone who knows about my culture, who has really witnessed Jallikattu will not make such absurd statement.

  • vetiarvi

    interesting..thanks for sharing your input (i’m a city person who doesn’t know much about village life)

  • Harsha Bala

    As I am someone from a completely non-farming background, I am grateful that you have helped me understand how Jallicattu is essential for the preservation of native Indian breeds. But how do Western countries, like Britain for example, go about preserving their bulls and native breeds without such events to keep the bulls verile?

  • Sagaran Jos

    There were 130 or so cattle breeds in India 100 years ago and now there are only 37.

    Jallikattu isn’t doing a good job of preserving breeds!

    • surendr

      ya man, the native breeds of tamil nadu are being preserved cuz of jallikattu. what happened to others? do please enlighten me

  • KB

    What are you talking about? Does it even make any SENSE to YOU? The bulls DO NOT want mankind to chose for them. IMMUNITY, boldness and mating capability through Jallikattu? HOW??!!! Are other animals mating like that? What do you mean “fittest”? Fighting with men who use tricks to beat them means FIT? It is like saying “I killed a tiger with my gun and so I’m very brave”!! If a stray buffalo or cow or bull starts running wild in the streets, how many of you BRAVE men can actually tame it? DON’T talk crap. When you say “bulls” have to be strengthened, it is plural. Are ALL the bulls winning? So, what happens to those that LOST? If they are not used for ploughing because of modern machines, what is happening to them? How could the owners afford to maintain the “losing” and “weak” bulls like their own kids? ANSWER these questions.

  • Sadagopan

    Ok here it is some one(Avadhoot) comes with best conclusion. Do you know totally how many native breads and their purposes and how to rear them and maintain the bull in prolong periods. besides is there tigeres dairy product you and hole family use till today. youre seems like a man with no knowledge of cattle breads and real farming. Guys like you please keep your mouth shut and stay away from those things you dont know or understand. besides i can speak about cattles bcs i have reared and nurtured them. Think about how india become number one exporter beef recently. Open your eyes. If you see through corporate eyes may your next generation will suffer for quality dairy and food.

  • Sadagopan

    If you are farmer’s son you have to know how to produce organic fertilizers. With out good cattles and other house hold animals you cant produce healthy milk or OF in such a huge quantity. The bull bracing times is maximum only 40 sec. where it is 300 to 500 bulls participate in one day. how many of them you saw harmed. Let me tell you one of regulation for bull bracing. your nail shouldn’t be out of the fingers it should have cut and filed properly so we cant make any nail mark on bull’s body. that’s how this sports been conduct. Yes i knew its dangerous to participate but i do like and live with it. Are you went any of martial art tournament please go and check when you participate they will get your signature(nowadays from parents too) then only you can participate. Why dont you ban them. we were well prepared to facing these bulls, if id like to risk my life for any reason ill choose 2 reason Jallikattu and my India. None other.

  • Sadagopan

    Mr Rathinamani, here most of the guys dosent know about farming nd cattles. just living metros(some accepted) and doing job inside air conditioner room. And dosent give respect someone’s cultural part, doesnt know why this type of cultural sport was included in our Civilization. Farming and cattle’s are India’s backbone. when petrodoller mafia brake this then they will start cry. We preserve our tradition and cattle. When they suffer they come to their knee let them have it.

  • Sadagopan

    How India become huge exporter of beef since 2012. Also India import hybrid breeds which cant make crossbreed with native breed to self servive. It that cows is dead you have to buy those breeds seaman by import only. Which is cost of 3000rs per injection(also so many failure occurs). if its native temple bull no costs involved also stud bulls preserved. Also if you see statistics for past 10 years you come to know how native breeds come to sudden extinction in India. Organic fertilizers will play huge important soon in food industry. cant make good fertilizer with foreign breeds dung(poop).You have to have native breeds dung for best fertilizers to make.If you didnt preserve them by now have to beg europe or america to import and they will charge by millions as they charging now for weapons.Also India is a biggest dairy market. A2 milk recommended by doctors everywhere, only native breeds can produce a2 milk, even crossbreeds cant produce that. who gonna benefit tomorrow we are foreigners. besides if you’ve agree farmers take care of animals where cruelty came from. Money and pride mongers do those things you mentioned but it is so rare.

  • Sadagopan

    Atleast some of the native breeds preserved because of only jallikattu and rackla race. bcs those studbulls only reared for mating and JK. Government cant prevent slaughter houses or regulate them. How may slaughter houses closed down or regulated by PETA or AWBI for past 10 years. Answer is 0. Do you know in past few years there are more then 300 new slaughter houses opened across india very few in Tamilnadu bcs people against it. Where are those who support against animal cruelty. If peta can pay lacks of salary to high profile lawyers to keep fight in SC against JK where the money comes from do animal lovers every questioned PETA. None. We farmers Preserved and reared our cattle and we do what we want we do not want any cultural lesson from some 3rd country person and some of so called animal lovers who not knowing about farming and cattle breeding.

  • Afraz Anosh

    It’d help immensely if more people could give proper arguments like how it helps preserve species and so on. Every protest I’ve heard has something to do with nationalism or some conspiracy theory about foreign powers trying to steal India’s bulls. It’s not gonna make a strong case.

    • Guest

      Same question here. I don’t understand the claim that Jallikattu is the only way to keep the native species alive , that if it is banned, native cattle will all disappear. I also don’t understand how you can associate the aggressiveness of a bull with how fertile it will be to breed with other cows.

      • Afraz Anosh

        I can make a guess as to how people got the last one. Increased testosterone = increased aggressiveness, so the most aggressive cows are assumed to be more fertile. But I doubt you need a match to figure that out

  • Afraz Anosh

    From someone outside India, I haven’t heard any arguments like this. Everything involves how Jallikattu is traditional sport and every argument is laced with a healthy dose of patriotism. You can understand how this appears to foreigners, right? To us, we have PETA (a load of BS btw) on one hand and angry villagers trying to protect a violent sport on the other hand.

    It does not matter whether it is or isn’t violent when that’s the image that’s being shown to the world.

  • anoif

    Good article covers all the bases. PETA should clean up its own western animal abuses before it tries to influence other country’s. cruelty to make a local animal extinct is cruel also slaughter is their next choice really think extinction or slaughter more cruel. Take a rodeo. The west wants cheap meat and loves this type of meat. The west needs to sort out its trophy hunting and mass extinction issue before it destroys 4000 year old traditions that are not cruel and help the farmers…and also the people in the city eating the meat. Dairy cows are not local and will allow the enforcing of antibiotics and what ever else they want. Local animals are best for the peoples health and animals. PETA is hypocritical……

  • Krish Shumi

    Very well researched and written article.The fate of most male calves soon after birth, in the absence of the sport, would be either to slaughterhouses, let loose to die, in some cases left to die of dehydration. Is this not cruelty? Jallikattu is a sport which atleast is one way of preventing these cruelties not to mention the preservation of healthy species of native bulls.That said it does need to be regulated and the animal welfare groups should help in laying the guideline for it rather than banning it and disrupting the ecological and economic balance of a region.
    Personally I do not like the sport, but that does not mean I have to turn a blind eye to the reasons behind why it is being played and how it affects the animals themselves if it is not played.
    Are the animal welfare groups ready to take care of these bulls? Statistics show that they have not been able to and are incompetent and lack knowledge in most cases and in the end they are “euthanized” or slaughtered.
    From when has euthanizing/slaughtering/killing become more valid than a rough sport which when played properly enhances the virility of a species?

  • Vijay Kumar H

    My simple question, please can any animal supporting organization answer me!
    Why doesn’t the so called animal supporting organization BAN MEAT SHOP FIRST.
    No one is raising voice against the cruelty happening on birds and animals in meat shop.
    If you people are really concerned about the animal welfare, first ban meat shop.
    Millions of animals are tortured and killed daily, please save those animals first.
    Why no organization banning killing of animals. Is this ban more of commercial gain?

    Jallikattu it is a 2500 year old tradition.
    Jallikattu is not torturing or killing the bull it is a sport, where a man tames the bull just by holding bulls hump for few

    seconds. No bulls die in Jallikattu. But daily there are millions of chicken, goats and cows killed in meat shop. This is no time pass, respect the sentiments and tradition of Tamil Nadu.

    First save the millions of animals which are killed daily.

  • arun kumar

    The political class is taking students and youth for a ride. I strongly believe, this entire #jallikattu issue is a carefully rafted political gameplay designed to help politicians gain political mileage. Nobody expected students and youth to take up the issue in such civil manner.