हम भी भारत, एपिसोड 01: छात्र राजनीति और देश

हम भी भारत की पहली कड़ी में आरफ़ा ख़ानम शेरवानी देश में छात्र राजनीति की दशा-दिशा पर जेएनयू छात्रसंघ की पूर्व उपाध्यक्ष शहला राशिद, एबीवीपी की जाह्नवी ओझा और पत्रकार सृष्टि श्रीवास्तव से चर्चा कर रही हैं.


  • Rajive Acharya

    Good initiative!

    I would like to see topics which affects the largeer population as mentioned in your introduction. Though Delhi is the capital, but India lives outside Delhi. Therefore, take up issues which generally do not get coverage elsewhere. Also would like to see that your programme covers things that are positive, inspiring, eductaional and informative especailly the one which has little or no support from state (government).

  • Harry

    The ABVP representative seems to make way more sense then her counterparts. Definitely an amazing initiative, but just make sure it doesn’t too fall into the trap of one-sided biased journalism (I saw a certain tilt against the BJP but it was still much better than mainstream media outlets)